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Contrary to what Bacon explained in interviews, material has recently been found to show that Bacon did actually use experimentation before working onto canvas. A few examples of Bacon's experiments are shown below:

Elvis Enhanced Photo Boxers Athlete

Bacon primarily used photographs or copies of images and now we know that he worked onto them before painting on canvas. He used a range of images from pop stars to Velazquez's Pope.

An good example of the process Bacon used to create his images is found looking at Velasquez's Pope Innocent X.

Other of his source material includes a scene from the film, Battleship Potempkin and a detail from Poussin's Massacre of the Innocents (shown below). Both of these include what Bacon was obsessed with - the mouth. He said of Poussin's work, that no one else had quite managed to capture the same emotion as in this piece.

Still from Battleship Potempkin Part of Poussin's Massacre of the Innocents

Bacon also had passions, including an obsession of the human mouth. His obsessions tended to lead bacon to create stange, vivid and exciting pieces.

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